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Together, We're Redefining Justice

through the Transformational Power of the Arts

Featuring the work of artists & their families affected by the criminal justice system

As featured on NPR's local affiliate,

Jefferson Public Radio

Originally aired February 19, 2024

JPR recognizes the nonprofit community support of

Open Sky Art Gallery & Gathering Place

in Historic Montague.

Coming soon: 

The Art of Mary Perry Stone (1937-2007)

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 22nd, 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Open Sky Art Gallery is the first
Justice-impacted and inspired
Art Venue & Gathering Place
in the Pacific Northwest.
    We bring fine art together with the power of trauma
awareness and healing. We are focused on artists and writers
who are or once were incarcerated and
the families of those who are impacted by serious crime.

   We show and sell art providing an opportunity for
system-impacted artists to integrate into society,
increase their self  worth and heal from trauma.
At the same time, we provide onsite artists’ residencies and
community gatherings to build community, 

foster engagement, education and social connection.


Feedback from Our Artists

Snowflower Thorner's Open Sky Gallery is a venue where miracles happen. Not only were my paintings and dioramas lovingly displayed but my poetry was made available as well. 


Furthermore, I played a set of original music at the gallery for an intelligent, attentive audience and it turned out to be one of my best performances of the last forty years. 


As a justice-impacted artist, Open Sky Gallery was the ideal space for someone like me to be healed and celebrated. 

   Michael Louis Mollo


Hi Jeremiah, 

Good news! Your Wood Duck II image has sold! We had an evening event and a woman who is a retired biologist from the Forest Service could not stop admiring your lovely painting.

Her husband snuck over to me and paid me for it as a surprise birthday gift for her. 




This is such exciting news! It’s so amazing to me that someone is interested in something I painted to buy it. I’m used to only selling to people I already know here. 

So, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. It’s truly inspiring! 

Take care,

J. Scott

Great to feel your excitement.

We’re very happy for you. You deserve it. 






Our gallery is also poised to provide

onsite artists’ residencies and
gatherings to build community,

foster engagement, education

and social connection.

In our first 6 months,

we have hosted

over 25 well attended

public events

as well as 3 private events.

We hold several

free events

per month.


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Open Sky Art Gallery Director Snow Thorner is the Area Ambassador for

Compassion Prison Project.


Snow has also led numerous 6 week Trauma to Transformation programs for newly released inmates under contract with Siskiyou county Department of Probation. She designed and led a yearlong Re-Entry program in Siskiyou county in collaboration with Siskiyou county Arts Council.

Contact Snow:



501 C3 Charitable Non-Profit with EIN # 92-3862107

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