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Dark Wood Floor

World Class exhibit opens June 22nd

You are warmly invited to Opening Reception of

F E A R L E S S:

The Art of Mary Perry Stone 

(1937 -2007)

Saturday, June 22nd, 2:00 pm

Mary Perry Stone fearlessly took on the establishment. She combated prejudice, false economies, slavery through her sculpture and murals which were shown at Metropolitan Museum of Art & Carnegie Hall.

Mary's daughter Ramie Streng will present at Opening Reception.


Welcome to Oen Sky Galey

Welcome to
Open Sky
Art Gallery

Dark Wood Floor

Open Sky Art Gallery is the first Justice-impacted
and inspired Art Venue & Gathering Place 
in the Pacific Northwest.

We bring fine art together with the power of trauma awareness and healing. Our community gallery is focused on artists and writers who are or once were incarcerated, their families, victims of crime and victims’ families.

By showing and selling art and creative writing, we are providing an opportunity for system-impacted artists to integrate into society, increase their self worth and heal from trauma.

Our gallery is also poised to provide onsite artists’ residencies and gatherings to build community, foster engagement, education and social connection. In our first 12 months, we have hosted over 35 well attended public events as well as 4 private events.
Open Sky Art Gallery Director Snow Thorner is the Area Ambassador for Compassion Prison Project. Snow has also led numerous 6 week Trauma to Transformation programs for newly released inmates under contract with Siskiyou county Department of Probation. She designed and led a yearlong Re-Entry program in Siskiyou county in collaboration with Siskiyou county Arts Council.


HowTo GetHere

"It is my responsibility as an artist to give voice and humanize a population (myself included) that is often unfairly demonized and stereotyped..."
- KW-DC, incarcerated artist

501 C3 Charitable Non-Profit with EIN # 92-3862107

Carole Alden
Stan Bey
Kevin Burch
Gary Farlow
Sean Fox
Jon D. Goldberg
Ross Jackson  *
Gary Harrell *
Brian Hindson
Erick Maciel
Michael Louis Mollo *
Tom O'Hare
Chuck Parham
George Red
J. Scott
Allyson Seelinger
Ralph Starritt *
Mary Perry Stone
Mike Tran
Christian Trigg *
 *  Artists who presented at Open Sky


Gary Farlow

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